Atelier Arts takes a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

//Atelier Arts takes a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Atelier Arts takes a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Atelier Arts Easter trip with the gang (art degree friends) to Yorkshire Sculpture Park!
‘Art without walls’
This place never ceases to amaze, inspire and wow you. …. EVER!
We met at Keiths, chief of the gang. We set off and tensions were soon felt due to lack of fuel in the car, the roads were long and winding with no sign of a petrol station, lots of hills and google searching lead us to the fuel stop, eventually… and breathe.
£12 to park the car, ummm price increase, still excellent value for a whole day of amazing art. Coffee stop then off to the Gallery to see an exhibition from Italian artist Giuseppe Penone ‘A tree in the Woods’. It was fascinating, pine trees split in half, marble and twigs representing skin and hair.
We then had lunch, sketched and went off in search of new sculptures. The sun was shinning but the wind had a sharp chill. On the way to the lake we saw black bronze figures that looked like they had been shrink wrapped, a video piece and a cuboid huge stone sculpture.

Over the bridge we go, to walk around the lakeside. We saw some fascinating tree shapes, other sculptures, stepping stones, and charcoal steps, then we spotted a huge female figure in the distance.
Damien Hirst’s female figure stands 10 metres! “The Virgin Mother” is an outstanding piece, love it or hate it. The colours are bright and definitely stand out against the natural landscape. It was my star of the show (Bev).
We carried on to an underground concreted seated space with a skylight, very clever. A chance to sketch and sleep and contemplate.
Off we go…. to find the chapel and a wonderful exhibit entitled ‘To Breathe’ by Kimsooja. A floor of mirrors with a disorientating feel, very bright sunlight pouring through the iridescent filmed windows this exhibition is magical and unicorn sparkly! Great place for a photo opportunity, ensure you pick a sunny day though.

Much needed coffee and cake stop at the cafe and a chance to reflect on the artwork and sculptures on display. Inspired by the trees in the underground gallery exhibition, inspired to do some casting and use some gold leaf.
After a long M62 hold up we got to our destination and said our goodbyes!

Beverley and Keith stood for a photo on some mirroed steps and flooring invthe 'To Breathe" exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Beverley and Keith at the ‘To Breathe” exhibit.

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  1. Keith Parkinson April 12, 2019 at 8:27 am - Reply

    Yes Bev. A cracking day. My favourite was the Penone but not sure which one, and the huge Plensa head.

  2. Sheila Parkinson April 12, 2019 at 9:58 am - Reply

    Superb Bev. Great article. Gives a real flavour of the day. Special.

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