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Our community of artists enjoys the homely atmosphere of warm, secure and affordable private art studios, with a friendly and supportive group of artists. The standard of art for sale coming out of our studios is extremely high.

Art for sale is available to be viewed in our gallery, and in our artists’ studios.


Beverley Chapelhow

Beverley has numerous art related and teaching qualifications and is qualified in fine art to degree level. Beverley is passionate about teaching and learning especially teaching adults, her students range from beginner’s level to students with a more independent approach to learning. Her methods of teaching are based mainly on technique, this allows the students to develop their own unique style and at their own pace. Beverley is a keen believer in drawing and painting from direct observation whether this being a landscape or still life.

Beverley has a wealth of experience working with a variety of mediums and materials; she is creative and inventive with some great ideas. Her personal practice is made up of plaster work, large surreal sculptures and some ceramic work as well as oil paintings, water colour paintings and life drawings.

More recently Beverley has been making handmade recycled wooden jewellery, this wonderful colourful wooden jewellery is available to purchase from her studio and online at  Bevart designs jewellery – The British Craft House

Beverley also runs Art Holidays in Spain, offering artists of any skill level the chance to develop their skills in the sun! For more, click the link below.

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Visit Beverley’s Art Holiday page
Beverley’s Jewellery page

Ursula Newell-Walker

My work and life both reflect a constant interplay between several ‘worlds’. England/Australia; art-making/ ‘ordinary life’, the external and the inner worlds. These are just three thresholds or frontiers crossed frequently. You may have others? I consistently work along this ‘in-between zone’ and contend that my willingness and ability to do so brings to the work a depth, and edge of mystery, otherwise absent.  Primarily, colour is used to explore my place in landscape, space and time, and, by implication, that of many another person. The things which currently pre-occupy me can never be entirely absent from my work; especially the hot COVID summer just past.

The starting point is often a place of importance to me or the play of light at a particular moment. As someone who has lived in many places much work has explored the process of moving and settling, of place and belonging. Now, having returned to my birthplace in Lancashire, at a key point in the nation’s decision-making about its place in the world, and its response to a pandemic, huge skies with fast-changing weather predominate. Something new is always moving in, exerting its influence, perhaps a solid drenching, and then passing through. For this reason, the paint is applied in a very physical way and the marks are bolder to convey the strength and robustness of the place and people of which I am now an intimate part.

Dermod Ruddock

Colour and light, and the landscape – that’s what inspires much of my painting, influenced by all kinds of things; not least artists such as Kandinsky, de Vlaminck, Derain, Matisse, Cezanne and the Scottish colourists, and my experiences as a graphic designer.

Lighting is a vital ingredient too…the drama of a Scottish storm, the vibrancy of siesta time on a Greek island, clear blue sky over the North Wales coast, or the deep shadows cast as evening falls over the Lancashire fells.

Every painting captures a moment in time – each is colourful, exuberant and bursting with life – each is special…

Sam Grindley

The process of making art is, for me, an attempt to try and reconcile myself with my own memories; to depict, translate, recreate and comprehend them. The memories I focus on in particular, are those relating to my childhood, family members and places of importance to me. A key trigger for igniting memories are photographs and I see them as a snapshot of the untold and a stepping stone to the exploration of my own conviction. During the course of producing each artwork, I often find that I am striving to both remember and forget.

Patrick Troughton

I studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art then I was given an opportunity to be artist-in-residence at The Kings School, Canterbury. I visited Lancashire in 2003 and fell in love with the countryside so moved up here, completing an MA in Printmaking in Preston.  In 2016, I was thrilled to win an exhibition at the Steward’s Gallery, Clitheroe Castle. I am happy to carry out portrait and landscape commissions in watercolour or oils.

Simon Blackley

I left the world of painting 30 years ago to embrace a career in textile design, my return to the canvas sees a new start and method to my work.

I mainly work with oil and acrylic mixing different paint opacities to create layers of colour which add a depth and resonance to the forms on the canvas.  I like to merge the line of abstract with reality using colour from the images to form a relationship between the layers of the landscape.

My iPhone is my sketchbook and I capture moments and time which then form the basis of my paintings.  I often work the images live at the point of capture and see the finished photography as a piece of work in its own right.


Jerzy Kosinski said “The principles of true art is not to portray but to evoke” that’s what art is to me, it’s to convey a message, to communicate with the world.


For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an artist. It’s like a passion that you know you must fulfil! No matter what, no matter how.My journey as a professional artist began with art classes at Atelier Arts. Under the guidance and the encouragement of the fabulous artists especially Bev and Keith, I have begun to find my groove.

I have tried various mediums and subjects. I have discovered a love for trees especially with acrylics. ink and charcoal drawings. I continue to experiment and discover.

Follow my journey on Instagram @artistic_calling




Caroline Assheton

‘Dionysius of Fourna, in his ‘Painter’s Manuel’, tells his pupils that even at the stage of copying the works of others they must not carry out this work haphazardly but with the ‘Fear of God’ and with the veneration due to a sacred task.’ Bearing this in mind, along with other directions from tutors and family members I draw, sketch, illustrate, study and paint. My Training included going to Florence to learn to draw properly in Signorina Simi’s Academy, followed by a Foundation year at Camberwell and a 3 year Diploma at City and Guilds. Since then I’ve studied History of Art taking Kenneth Clark and Joshua Reynolds for my lead, and have worked in lots of artistically based jobs, including being PA for International Icon Dealer Sir Richard Temple.

My main interests are Beauty, Light and Colour, and I hope to do work that might cheer people up.

Medium:- Watercolour and water-based paints, pencil, charcoal, pastel. Also printing- etching, screenprint, dry point etc.

Subject Matter:- Landscape, Scenarios, Still-Life (including floral and similar arrangements), Portraits and Murals. I like the incidents of everyday life, costumes, paintings for occasions and ones done for specific places. An underlying fascination is how Women Artists may succeed professionally.



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