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Our community of artists enjoys the homely atmosphere of warm, secure and affordable private art studios, with a friendly and supportive group of artists. The standard of art for sale coming out of our studios is extremely high.

Art for sale is available to be viewed in our gallery, and in our artists’ studios.


Keith Parkinson

I graduated in 2008 following a 24 year teaching career. I now enjoy a career which sees me making and exhibiting, teaching and lecturing across the North of England.

I run Primary School workshops and residencies and teach diverse adult groups including classes and workshops at my base, Atelier Arts.

My own work is eclectic and energetic, lively and often colourful but marked by an exploration of light and movement. I explore themes around people and place, initiated by the place I live, the people who pass by and by memories. I use haiku poetry to explore and stimulate ideas and drawing has always been extremely important to my practice.

I also run bespoke classes and workshops for schools providing art workshops and residencies both as long term projects and single days. Click the link below for more information.

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Beverley Chapelhow

Beverley has numerous art related and teaching qualifications and is qualified in fine art to degree level. Beverley is passionate about teaching and learning especially teaching adults, her students range from beginner’s level to students with a more independent approach to learning. Her methods of teaching are based mainly on technique, this allows the students to develop their own unique style and at their own pace. Beverley is a keen believer in drawing and painting from direct observation whether this being a landscape or still life.

Beverley has a wealth of experience working with a variety of mediums and materials; she is creative and inventive with some great ideas. Her personal practice is made up of plaster work, large surreal sculptures and some ceramic work as well as oil paintings, water colour paintings and life drawings.

Beverley also runs an Art Holidays business offering artists of any skill level the chance to develop their skills in the sun! For more, click the link below.


Dermod Ruddock

Colour and light, and the landscape – that’s what inspires much of my painting, influenced by all kinds of things; not least artists such as Kandinsky, de Vlaminck, Derain, Matisse, Cezanne and the Scottish colourists, and my experiences as a graphic designer.

Lighting is a vital ingredient too…the drama of a Scottish storm, the vibrancy of siesta time on a Greek island, clear blue sky over the North Wales coast, or the deep shadows cast as evening falls over the Lancashire fells.

Every painting captures a moment in time – each is colourful, exuberant and bursting with life – each is special…

Sam Grindley

The process of making art is, for me, an attempt to try and reconcile myself with my own memories; to depict, translate, recreate and comprehend them. The memories I focus on in particular, are those relating to my childhood, family members and places of importance to me. A key trigger for igniting memories are photographs and I see them as a snapshot of the untold and a stepping stone to the exploration of my own conviction. During the course of producing each artwork, I often find that I am striving to both remember and forget.

Patrick Troughton

I studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art then I was given an opportunity to be artist-in-residence at The Kings School, Canterbury. I visited Lancashire in 2003 and fell in love with the countryside so moved up here, completing an MA in Printmaking in Preston.  In 2016, I was thrilled to win an exhibition at the Steward’s Gallery, Clitheroe Castle. I am happy to carry out portrait and landscape commissions in watercolour or oils.

Julie Bowen

I usually work in Oil paints either on wood or canvas. I enjoy painting landscapes and paint from the places I visit focusing on light and moody atmospheres. I’m drawn to water and reflections of light and shade experimenting with dripping paint thinned with turps and linseed oil. More and more I find myself painting with my fingers and combining brush and knife marks to create my desired effect. I often use a limited palette with a fondness for purples. My work is influenced by the impressionists, particularly Monet, but my subject matter is becoming more varied as I enjoy painting the human form and portraiture.

Sami Priestley

My work has been influenced by music, nature and experiences and all the sensations that accompany these phenomena. I search for the best way to interpret these experiences and sensations. I don’t limit myself to one medium, style or concept; I enjoy the fluidity of finding new inspirations and creating new ideas. Photography plays a big part in the process of making as I enjoy being able to capture different perspectives and certain moments; that sometimes only last a few seconds. I enjoy working with pastels and negative spaces and I also enjoy layering with multimedia.

Gosha Gibek Brand

Gosha is an artist with a peculiar skill – she can see colour in every word and in every matter. She depicts towns and villages of the North of England with colours she believes she can dig out from under the coat of grim, Northern weather and create in one’s mind COLOURFUL MEMORIES. She pours gloss paint of different colours from a pallet knife directly on the canvas. The paint accentuates lines and adds texture. Gosha studied fine art at The Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland. She has been awarded the Ribble Valley Prize 2015 for her painting ‘Clitheroe the Town’.



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